The 2023 presidential election will take place less than 2 years from now.

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Southern Nigeria is expected to produce the next President because President Buhari who is a Northerner will complete his 8 years tenure in 2023.

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The South-South, South-West, and South-East are the 3 geo-political zones in the South.

The South-East is the only zone from the South that has not produced the President of Nigeria since the return of democracy in 1999. Some Nigerians believe that it will be in the spirit of equity and fairness for the next President of Nigeria to come from the South-East.

According to Leadership newspaper, a Yoruba group has declared support for Igbo President in 2023. Some people will wonder why this group is rooting for Igbo President in 2023 when the South-West also wants to produce the President.

That will form the basis of our discussion in this article.

The Need For The Sense of Inclusion

That fact is that many people from the South-East feel marginalized because the zone has never occupied Aso Rock either in the capacity of President or Vice President since the return of democracy in 1999.

That is why Yoruba Young Professionals Network (YYPN) led by Segun Lawal in Akure, Ondo State declared that the next President should come from the South-East to give the people of that region a sense of belonging.

The argument is that the agitation for secession is threatening the chances of the South-East producing the next President of Nigeria. Many young people in the Eastern part of the country want to exit from Nigeria.

However, some political leaders still believe that zoning the 2023 presidency to the South-East will solve the agitations going on in the region and also give the people reason to believe in the Nigerian project.

The South-East has qualified and capable politicians who can govern Nigeria. Former Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi is one of them.

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My advice for the Igbo political elites is to unite themselves because unity is important in politics. That is the only way they can tell other regions that they are ready to produce the next President of Nigeria and should be supported.

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