A few weeks ago, Salle becomes the trend on all social media after the beautiful lady who was labelled to be a hawker get recognised by all Nigerians for her amazing singing voice.

Fate smiles at Kosisochukwu Gospel Peter popularly known as Salle after the video of her looking shabby with a tray trend all around the social media. The beautiful young girl with an angelic voice got recognition from Tunde Ednut which further got her recognised in the entertainment industry.

Photos of Salle;
Opinion:Why No One Should Criticize Salle After Revealing She Was Not Hawking But Helping Her Mother

After that, Salle life changed for the better, transformed, was invited to shoot and life start becoming great for her as she ventures fully into the music industry.

However, Salle had to dispel the rumour that made her popular as she correct people's assumptions about her in a chat below;

Why no one should criticize her;

She never said she hawks, it was Nigerians that assumed;

To be candid, Nigerians love these types of stories and are quick to react without proper investigation when they see things like this happen in society. The truth is Salle never said it herself that she hawks on the street, but Nigerians without any investigation were quick to assume that the little young girl is a hawker.

As things proceeded, Salle never said any word about it since it getting her the attention she needed all over the world. It might be a strategy but it's obvious that Nigerians like the pity card so much that they assume a lot even if the person in question is mute about the whole situation.

Also to be candid, it's her voice that markets her and not the poor girl story people trend around social media. Salle's voice is unique and very soothing to the ears. Trust me, if she was a street hawker with no voice, people wouldn't notice her. Her voice made the first impression on her a great one.

In my opinion, Salle shouldn't be criticized because she didn't fool Nigerians