It is a common practice in Africa and some major parts of the world for the groom to pay the dowry of his bride to the bride's family. Take for instance in a country like Nigeria,where the groom have to pay for the dowry, drinks,food,and other miscellaneous expenses that may arise from the marriage ceremony.

Such practice of the groom paying the bride price is now so common in the world,few will actually believe that some countries act in the exact opposite.

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In some African countries like Nigeria,the marriage contract between two families takes a concrete shape when the groom's family have paid in the dowry,with the main celebration starting later on. The method of marriage celebration also differs from tribe to tribe, but one major practice is emphatically the same; the groom must pay the dowry to the bride's family,and not the other way round.

Do not be confused about dowry and bride price; while 'Dowry' is the money the bride's family pays to the groom's family, 'Bride Price' is the money or materials the groom pays to the bride's family, before a marriage contract can be sealed.

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The above picture,used for the purpose of illustration,shows some bride price requirements among the Igbos in the Southeastern part of the country. While the Igbos,Hausas and Yourubas have their own marriage requirements,minor tribes like the Ibibios,Efiks and TIVs are also not left out.

So,in this article Writer_Media will be taking you on a tour of some countries of the world where the bride's family pays the dowry to the groom's family,as against the general practice of major countries that makes up the world.

Note that all countries on this list are Hindu practicing countries,and are just following the dictates of their customs and beliefs in terms of marriage contracts.

1. India

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Like other Hindu practicing countries,India is one countries popular for their marriage rites,as the bride's family pays a substantial amount to the groom's family,as part of her contributions to the family's upkeep.

When the bride's family hands in the dowry to the groom's family,it is assumed that the bride had given her own share to the upkeep of the family,and the groom would have to take care of every other expenses the marriage ceremony would incur.

2. Nepal

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Just like other Southasia countries,Nepal also imdulges in the practice of the bride paying the dowry to the groom's family. Such practice is however now frowned upon in the Asian country,as some insists it is outdated. For instance, the anti-dowry campaign had being launched in the country,but with very minimal effects. The results had being that some families still practiced the dowry system, as their Hindu and Buddha belief states.

It may actually take more than internet awareness to stop the dowry system in Nepal,but the practice still thrives in some parts of the country as of now.

3. Pakistan

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Pakistan is unarguably one of the few countries fighting tooth and nail to stop the dowry system. Since 2015,many groups and NGOs had condemned the act of dowry payment by the bride's family,with respect to the marriage contract. But notwithstanding,the practice still thrives in few parts of the country,as such long practice usually take long to stop totally.

The Pakistanis are one outstanding people when it comes to marriage ceremonies in the country,as their colourful and organized nature makes the ceremony exciting. Even with the dowry system still in place,they are a joy to watch when carrying out marriage ceremonies.

4. Indonesia

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Even with the dowry system still in place in some parts of the country, Indonesia is slowly adapting to the Western way of marriage,as some couple now prefer getting wedded in the churches. The results had being a drastic drop in the number of people engaging in the dowry system,but a few diehards still carry out the practice.

The dowry system which was before made compulsory by their Hindu faith,may well be waning away as more and more people abandon the system.

What do you have to say about the dowry system in some Asia countries? Should the practice be abolished,or should it be allowed to flourish?

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