Kick off ur shoes, take a break, Crank the tunes, Dance & Shake, light the candles, cut the cake. Make it a day, that's simply Great!!! Happy B'Day..

On the 8th day of August late on the 19th century there was a boy that was given birth to , but It's a day to celebrate! It's a day to cheer! Now he can eat more birthday cake Than he could hold last year! Now he can laugh louder And enjoy it even more--'Cause this is a bigger birthday Than he has ever had before! It's his birthday 🎂🎉

As he uses this opportunity to invite his loved ones, friends and well wishers the his upcoming birthday on the 8th of August 2021
Venue: gigantic black hole at the center of the milky way Galaxy

about 25,000 light-years away from earth 🌎

(Wishing u a day soft as silk, white as mil,. sweet as honey & full of money. May all ur dreams come true.