Poverty is a state of being extremely poor. It is terribly unwanted thing. Nobody loves being poor, neither does anyone desire to be poor.

On the other hand, we all desire to be rich and wealthy. To be rich is to have a lot of money and assets.
The facts

Around half of the world's population are poor. That is an estimated 3.5 billion people living in poverty, only able to live on less than 2.5 USD per day. Among, this 3.5 billion people, 1.3 billon are said to live in abject or extreme poverty, being only able to afford 1.25 USD daily.

According to UNICEF, over 22,000 children die daily around the world as a result of poverty.

Knowing fully well that poverty is a killer and a total disadvantage, one must therefore aspire and work hard/make efforts to be rich. Below are some of those conscious efforts you you should make.

1. Don't succumb to poverty

A lot of poor people, especially in developing countries like ours, have already accepted poverty as their fate. They feel that everyone can not be rich, that some people are born to be poor, and unfortunately they see themselves among such those supposedly born to be poor.

2. Change that mindset!

Don't be like that, do not condemn yourself to poverty. Nobody was born to die poor.

You may not have been born with a silver spoon, but you shouldn't die without having a silver spoon.

Truly all fingers are most likely not going to be equal, but no fingers has to be compulsorily shortened. Are you catching my groove?

The fact that nobody in your entire lineage has ever driven a car does not mean that you too can not drive one if you aspire to. As some motivational speakers and preachers would put it, "don't let what stopped your fathers, stop you".

3. Build Capacity

Perhaps your ancestors failed because they failed to build enough capacity. Capacity is your content carrying ability. A 5 litre keg can never hold 10 litres of water! Impossible! If you desire to be rich, you must increase your capacity. As the Bible puts it, "enlarge your coast"

If you desire to be rich, build your capacity. Learn skills, improve on the skills you already have. There's a huge difference in earning potential between a labourer and a building contractor, even though they find themselves in the same field.
4. Don't eat all your earnings

I wonder how one expects to become rich if they can't save. Don't finish your salary in advance, don't eat up your tomorrow today.

Before you start spending that money, save first. Set aside a particular portion of your earnings that must never be touched, except for the purpose of investment.

Always keep something for the rainy day.
As a wise saver, you should understand that savings don't appreciate, especially not in this country with low interest rates in the market. Therefore do not stock up for too long without investing into reasonable and affordable assets that can appreciate over time.
5. Be demanding of your self

Always push yourself to the limits, challenge yourself, motivate yourself and encourage yourself. Do not resort to managing what you have, instead always seek legal ways of increasing what you already have.

Set targets, beat them, set new ones, don't relapse into old patterns and habits associated with poverty.
6. Build your network

There is a popular maxim that a person is always a product of the friends he keeps. Build the right network, expand, explore and develop your networks.

Opportunities will not come knocking on your door if you have no network. Connect with people of similar or higher goals and dreams.

Share your aspirations with your network of friends and colleagues. Always keep them abreast of any updates to your CV. Nobody would know you are an Engineer if they are not told.

7. Start a business

Whether you have a well paying salary job or not, you need a business to launch to a height of wealth and affluence. Nobody ever makes becomes rich by depending on just salaries!

Instead of waiting for retirement and pension benefits, set up a business while you are still young and energetic.
8. Pray

Lastly, all man's efforts are meaningless without faith. Nobody ever gets anything done without having faith that it would be possible. The laws of wealth and prosperity are independent of your religious affiliation.

Follow the rules, pray and hope, you will definitely make it, as long as you keep believing.

Have a lovely week.