A bill to legalize the cultivation and trading of cannabis for medical use as well as for revenue generation in Nigeria has been proposed

The bill titled ‘A Bill for an Act to Regulate the Cultivation, Possession and Trade of Cannabis for Medical and Related Purposes’ was proposed by Miriam Onuoha, a member of the House of Representatives on Thursday.

According to the bill, conditions for the cultivation, buying, selling and consumption of the drug should be set to ensure that only medical personnel prescribes the dosage of cannabis for the treatment of patients while pharmacies will be allowed to sell it.

The bill also proposes that a licensed seller who sells more than the prescribed dose to a buyer would risk imprisonment or pay a fine.

“A person who grows, and sells cannabis, not for medical purpose and does not present the particulars required for registration commits an offence and upon conviction should be sentenced to two years imprisonment for or pay a fine of N1,000,00

“A licensed seller who sells more than the prescribed dosage to a buyer would risk imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years or a fine not less than N500,000

“Also, a buyer who ingests it without prescription should be jailed for two years or made to pay a fine of N500, 000 ” the bill read in part