In our day to day conversations, we normally use some acronyms that we may not necessarily know what they represent or stand for. Although it does not actually mean we don't know how to use them when making sentences, but it's important that we understand the concepts behind them, their their root words and origin.

Today we will be looking at some phrases and acronyms we use commonly but may not know what they mean or stand for. So read to the end.

1. E.g loosely means Example Given

2. A.M & P.M:

A.M Means Ante Meridiem and,

P.M means Post Meridiem.

3. Etc

"Et cetera" is a Latin word and it means others of the same kind.

4. SIM card means Subscriber Identity Module card

5. E.Q

E.Q means Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence

6. R.S.V.P  means " Please Reply"

7. SMS means Short Message Service

8. JPEG means Joint Photographer Expert Group

9. SUV

SUV means Sports Utility Vehicle

10. PIN means Personal Identification Number

11. LED means Light Emitting Diode

12. LCD means Liquid Crystal Display

13. MR & MRS

MR means Mature Responsible

MRS means Mature Responsible and Submissive

14. PhD means Doctor of Philosophy

Other acronyms are shown in the image below

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