Have you ever fallen into the trap of scammers who robbed you of your hard earned money?

Today I’ll be sharing with you some tips on how to retrieve your money after being scammed. Twenty percent of social media users and shoppers have been scammed at one point or the other, many people don't always know what to do once they’re defrauded, but that is going to change today.

-Screenshot all your previous chats

-Write out the Full name and account number of the page or perso

-Go to the last notification your bank sent you after you made the payment and copy out the transaction ID numb

-Go to any branch of the fraudsters bank, ask to see the customer service in charge of fraud

-make a print out of all the chats with the scammer and submit it.

-While you are there, send an email to the scammers bank and copy central bank of Nigeria’s fraud desk ([email protected]) this will motivate the bank to treat the issue as urgent.

The culprit/suspects account will be frozen, his BVN will be blocked permanently. No other account can be opened in that name neither will he be able to transact banking business until he clears himself with the bank.

This means he/she will have to visit the bank, and when they do, the bank will alert the authorities. Once the suspect is found guilty he/she will sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money.

Don’t forget to share with your friends and family, stay safe and be careful out there.