The Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu, Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka has given fresh prophecy for the month of June through his social media page. Fr Mbaka started his prophecy with Songs and Praises. After which he said in his fresh prophecy that in this month of June, 2021 those that believe in his prophecies will encounter many trials but shall be victorious.

Fr Mbaka, however, continued in his prophecy, saying that this month of June 2021, your enemies will fall into that pit they dig for you. The controversial Catholic priest prayed for divine protection and upliftment adding that the people that believe in his prophecy shall receive turn around blessings in Jesus name.

He said that Nnamdi Kanu is the chosen one and that Biafra will succeed in their quest for a referendum. He advised against violence saying that innocents’ lives are too precious to be wasted and that war or violence brings unforgettable hardship.

He stated that those who are bent on speaking evil against Biafra are enemies of progress. He revealed that Nigerian government will soon get tired of Biafra agitation and let Biafrans go just as it happened in the bible between the Israelite and Egypt. He advised Biafrans to be patience and persistent.

Fr Mbaka was detained by the Bishop of Enugu dioceses few weeks ago after he publicly showed his support for Nnamdi Kanu and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). According him, he was accused of so many things which made the Bishop of Enugu to detain him in a room and told him to stay there and pray to God so that God will show him the way forward.

He was later released after Youth in Enugu protested at the Holy Ghost Cathedral and destroyed several church properties. The Bishop had no other choice but to release him.

Still on the news, Bishop Davido Oyedepo who is the founder of Living Faith Church worldwide has recently released a shocking prophecy. According to the prophecy, he reveals that today marks the beginning of continuous change of levels in everything that concerns you.

He reveals that those who are killing innocent people in Nigeria will soon meet their downfall and that their sponsors and supporters will go down with them. He reveals that Nigeria is in a big mess and that corruption is the root cause of Nigeria problem. He made these declarations during a sermon in his church.