Every woman has some peculiar features which captivates her interest in a man. These outstanding and unique features of a man are the anchor of his charisma. No man is left out; everyman has one or more outstanding features which is the center of his attraction and peculiarity.

There are certain features women are looking out to see in a man they want, and once they find them in a particular man, they will not waste time to let him into their heart, and if perhaps, the man is not looking their way, they will not relent to flash their "green light" without much ado.

Every woman admires a particular type of man, and all they need revolve within these four (4) types of guy:

1. Cute guys: most times cute guys are irresistible, this is undoubtedly true. Women can even fight shamelessly over a guy because he is cute, and none of them would like to let go. Every woman admires a cute guy. Every handsome guy possesses a sort of emotional enchantment which gets women enraptured. Most times it is difficult to say "no" to a cute guy when he asks for a relationship. On several occasions I've witnessed women fight over a guy, usually a cute guy. Every woman has this natural affinity for cute guys. Sometimes, some of these guys are broke, women often spend on them. Most of them are promiscuous and lead flirtatious lives, that is the reason women are often caught fighting over them.

2. Intelligent guys: intelligence is a desirable feature which can make a guy be sought-after by women. Intelligent guys in High Schools, colleges and universities have good number of girls who flock around them, this is due to their intellectual strength. I've heard so many ladies say they love a guy because he is intelligent. Some of them are too quiet and bored to be with. Their company is not always fun; it is always boring to be with them, and some of them are not always good looking.

3. Rich guys: This set of guys get the kind of woman they desire. Most times it is difficult to resist this kind of guys; every woman has this strong affinity for rich guys who can get her everything she wants. Most ladies fall for a man because of his achievements or possessions. Some would not even mind pondering how the guy acquired them, this very egregious attitude has led so many ladies to their early graves. These guys believe they have achieved it all. They are always proud and arrogant, and some of them lead "fake lives."

4. Nice guys: this set of guys are cherished due to their kind and caring attitude. Guys who are gentle, kind and caring are always termed "nice guys" by woman. Whenever they are asked why they love this type of guy, they will always answer "he's just a nice guy." Nice guys are soft-hearted guys and they possess tremendous charisma. They can do anything to please a lady. Sometimes these guys lead pretentious lives, they can displease themselves to please a woman. But to their fellow guys, they can be stingy and selfish.

5. Talented guys: guys who are talented in one vocation or the other seem to attract women, especially those who are engaged in music, dance, football, fine art, etc. Women love guys who are talented and can fall easily for them. But sometimes these talented guys are not always serious with relationships. They are not always committed in relationships because they are more committed chasing their career. And some of them lead flirtatious lives because they encounter a lot of women, especially those involved in music, dance and movie production.

Note that every man is good, but in as much as every man is good, no man is perfect. Everyone has a flaw. And that is where tolerance comes to play in a relationship. When love is well established in a relationship, tolerance has no elastic limit.