Man United Player Brandon Williams Fined £1,000 For Failing To Reply Police Mail After His Dad Was Caught Speeding In £40,000 Mercedes He Bought For Him

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Manchester United defender, Brandon Williams, 20, has been fined £1,000 for failing to report to police about a speeding offence in Wales after a £40,000 Mercedes registered in the player’s name was caught speeding on a north Wales road.

Nick Freeman who represented the player on Thursday at Mould Magistrates Court told the court that Brandon Williams’ father, Paul was the driver caught speeding on the A55 in Rhaullt Hill therefore Brandon should not be punished for not responding to a police form, as the form was received by his father.

According to the prosecuting lawyer, after the car was stopped for speeding, a response form had been sent directly to Williams for him to complete, but he failed to do so.

Williams, who earns £40,000-a-week at United, argued that his father is the person who deals with his mail post and was the reason he never responded to the police’s letter.

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Despite this, Williams was found guilty for failing to provide information and was slapped with the £1,000 fine and ordered to pay £720 in costs.

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Brandon’s lawyer Freeman argued successfully that no points should be imposed on the player’s license as the defender was focusing on his football and that his father, who had been clocked speeding at an average of 85mph in a 70 zone in north Wales, was dealing with his mail.

His lawyer argued that the Mercedes, which Williams bought as a 50th birthday present for his father, has never been driven by the defended and was staying at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester at the time of the incident.