The notion that relationship is not a job opportunity has turned some dudes into becoming overly parsimonious; i.e, getting a kobo from them can be likened to Seun's refusal to accept Ireneony's proposal. Abeg no ban me ooooo, na joke I dey joke ooooo. Hehehe cheesy

In recent time, a great many dudes would make a boastful statement to their friends that they have never given a kobo to a lady in the course of relationship and will liken it to smartness, and that no lady can turn them into her source of finance

No matter how we try to embellish the word STINGINESS, it will never change the fact that it's quite different from BROKENESS.

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10 Signs You Are A Stingy Boyfriend

1. He Doesn't Buy Gifts

During (last Sunday), Youth and Singles programme in my fellowship, the guest speaker, whose main thrust of discussion centred on relationship, said that some guys are so stingy that even if they travel from Lagos to Ado-Ekiti to visit their girlfriends, they will be empty-handed. He passes Ojoto, he no buy bread; he passes Ibadan, he no buy plantain chips; he passes Osun, he no buy akara. He would get to his girlfriend's place and lie that he slept off immediately the bus took off and within the tinkle of an eye, he woke up in Ado Ekiti garage. *Stinginess at Bsc level*

2. He Prefers A Rendezvous In Mama Shade Cool Spot
This reminds me of a dude who said that the favorite rendezvous for a lady who truly cares is local restaurants, because a lady who truly loves you sees it as waste of money taking her to Shoprite for shopping or Mr Biggs to eat or get ice cream on a date. * This is stinginess at PGD level*

3. He Talks Hurriedly On The Phone
Some penny-pinching dudes are so stingy that they are used to timing their call not to pass a very wee time. He's so much concerned about his airtime that he will try as much as possible to summarize all he has to say. However, when the lady in question is making the conversation longer than expected, he will quickly find a way to end the call and promise to call back but that will be (a few) days later. cheesy

4. He's Happy She Will Never Ask Him For Anything
Virtually every guy wants a lady that will help economize his expenses and won't mount financial pressure on him; but some are happier that their girlfriends have never asked them for recharge card or other perishable parameters no matter how she needs it. *Stinginess at Msc level*

5. I Can't Buy A Fone For My Girl
Some dudes are so stingy that when you buy your girlfriend a mobile phone or an electronic gadget, you are being likened to a maga. They will crucify calling you all sort of names. Personally, I see nothing wrong in it provided I have the money and can afford it. *This is stinginess at 300L*

6. He Switches Off His Phone During Her Birthday
This sounds like an exaggeration but it's not. This reminds me of my former hostel mate who switched off his mobile fone on his girlfriend's birthday; only what he did was send 'birthday sms' and later lied to her that his phone had a flat battery, if not he'd planned to give elaborated celebration. This is a bid to avoid spending or getting her birthday gifts. *This is a stinginess at PhD level*

7. He Doesn't Pay For Her Fare
This has been a controversial issue since the days of Lord Lugard, and raised one billion questions that should a guy give his girlfriend money for conveyance in a taxi/okada?. In my feelings, I see nothing wrong with it. One thing that baffles me is that, some dudes are so scrooge-like that they will call you a maga and will advise you to stop giving her a penny each time she comes. *This is stinginess at HND level*

8. A Lady Who Truly Loves Me Will Not Ask Me For A Penny
People often say this but I do not believe in it. Not every lady who does not ask you for money/gift is happy about it. I have come into conclusion that those who utter this statement boastfully are close-fisted guys.

9. He Always Complains About Money
He blames the economy and GEJ for his low financial power. He will keep drumming it to her hearing that things are so hard for him when in fact, they are not. This is to send signal to the lady that she can't get a penny from him. *This is stinginess at OND level*

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