:-A set of keys used to operate a typewriter, computer etc.

 Nowadays, android phone has been the world most prominent smartphone. And being a smartphone that has been noticed by almost 80% of the GSM users, programmers has made it more awesome by creating by developing some softwares that is making the phone more smarter, among which is KEYBOARDS, this might sound crazy that you will be thinking, how, why, is this a topic? Yes, The early smartphones have there keyboards as hardware and hardwares are at a fixed point, but as technology has grown wider, the phone developers has made some changes to follow technology simultaneously thus making some hardwares to become softwares among which is KEYBOARDS

Being an android phone user, keyboard does not normally useful in some areas unlike the previous generations of smartphones whereby the keyboard do everything.

Android phones and some other smartphones allow users to download, delete switch keyboards since it's no longer a hardware.

And bring it can be moved to any part of your screen and as well can be resize and also both the foreground and the background color can be changed including the font alpha and numeric character.

Before We continue, let us come to know how to download it.


1.  Open your favorite browser.

2. On the URL field, type in google. com.

3. Search the below keyword"keyboards".

4. Click to open any website you will understand, locate download 

5. After successful download then install.

Or better still,

1  Open your play store.

2. Search keyboards.

3. Choose any Keyboard and install.


1. Open the keyboard

2. Enable the keyboard

3. Switch input method

Good to go!!!


1  Most android phones allow users to switch keyboards from the notification drag down.

2. Long press the space bar.

Then select your preference Keyboard

That is just it for now. 

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