Donor-tizzy whose real name is TEREMBER,THADDEUS AGBADI.

The singer was born in a year 2nd of April 2003 from Agan from tse AGBADI, in Benue state makurdi , Nigeria, 

His father was a great man ,and his mother is a God blessed mother ,All his parents where Farmers

His father's name is EMBERGA AGBADI and his mother name is AGBAKA GLORIA ,

His father have a misunderstanding with his mother 

Because his grandfather pressure his son to got 

separated,with his wife ,

which his mother took him to his people where he attend his school sections and grow up,

He was a babe and 3 years old by then.

Donor-tizzy grow up with his mother peoples and parents from MBAGUNE VILLAGE TSE AGBAKA in Agan,Benue state makurdi 

He started his primary school at the age of 7 years from L.G.E.A primary school Agan ,makurdi,Benue state in 2010.

Donor-tizzy was little but Sharp in Academics

 He took position1st, position 2nd from class 1 to primary 6 

He graduated from his primary school with a great position of a (HEAD BOY) in 2016. 

He gives,donate and live everything good that is why he was named:DÕÑÕR,which means("ones who give and donates " )

 He Join the Catholic Alter Servants association of Nigeria (CASAN) in 2014 he was a good servants who respect, he have his first holy communion in 2015.

He also join St perpetual voice choir st James Catholic church Agan in 2016 ,he is a tenure singer he was the drum master (Kakpos).

He is a brother and also like friend of prozparoz iwc they love each other ,Larynx is their best friend they share ideals together ,They are very good Artists .

 His father then come and begged for a place to sponsor him for secondary school and he was accepted ,by his mother peoples (parents)

Donor-tizzy started his secondary school from DESTINY CHILD GRAMMAR SCHOOL Yagba in 2017 by his father, when his father start Cleaning him up to know his son better then he was sick from a body scratches ,when donor was in JSS 2 in 2018 .

The singer lost his father in 5th April 2019 ,which was so painful .

He is a good Footballer too who play with older players without fear he have good football skills,

Donor-tizzy dropped his first track by title NON-STOP he ft Drummer boy , it is nice to hear the rising vibes.

He also dropped the second one which he ft Larynx & phixzy ;DISCAN LOVE . 

Donor-tizzy also collaborates with Slokish,Larynx & prozparoz iwc - GOVERNMENT by title 

The singer is looking forward to become a Superstar to make his people proud 

 Call 08146848352/08109005225 or WhatsApp on +2348146848352.