Intro.. Eh (4×)
I love you..

Chorus:   you know I love
You know I need you
You know I want you will you be my fiance eh..

Verse1 you're the only girl  I truly love
The first time I set my eyes on you
I know you're a pretty girl and I'm so lucky
I will be the first man to say yes and I will be the last man to say no..
Right inside my hearts I know how I'm feeling about you..
I'm love is only for you 2×
I truly love you 2×
You're the one for my throne..
My love is only for you 2×
We'll dance dance dance all the time that I truly love you ..

Verse 2
Right now girl you're with me
And I am now with you
Playing now with you
You're the only one I love oh
Baby anytime I see you my hearts is always so happy
Anytime I'm hungry its your love that makes me feel this way..
You are the queen for my house
You are the queen for my throne
You are the girl that will give births to my twins baby girls..

Iye iye eh
Oh no no
Oh no no no no
Oh no no no no
Iye eh
I will take to mama
Carry u show to my papa any how e be we go stick together
Any how e be we go be together  eh
Baby girl na
Eh eh aha aha ehe she
Sweety my baby