Why The World Will Not End in April As Scientists Claimed 

Picture Credit: Facebook
Surprisingly there has been a recent report by NASA that a very powerful asteroid would leap down the earth and hit it unbelievably hard. According to them, if that eventually happens, it will definitely be an end to human civilization.
It is important to note that NASA scientists are known for using their sophisticated machineries to track the movement of asteroids and they  are afraid that this killer rock could be the end of humanity and everything there of.
For me, our present world is currently on a fast lane and as time goes on it gets faster, for every one who has got something to do, you observe that the hours of the days seem not to be sufficient for what you must do, for if you're not working your mind is brainstorming. The mind is always working to make ends meet, all these could easily and reasonably cloud the heart and crowd out God systematically from our conscious living even though we actually live, move and have our being in him, it is so bad that we could make even going to Church a routine activity without the consciousness of God for if God must be contemplated upon he desires that we see him just as he wishes to be seen not as we think he should be seen for see God the way we wish is idolatry. The question is how can we see him correctly? One simple answer is waiting on him. Waiting on the Lord is one of the most talked about theological theme however most misconstrued. We hope the simple analogy in our every day life could suffice. 
Our beloved country Nigeria seems to find this hard to believe as there are some times scientists predicted the end of the world which never occurred.
The VERY BIG question now becomes, will the world end in the coming April owing to this prediction?