What you are about seeing and reading about is the Costliest Car in the World, The Buggati Lat Voit Nor, it's Value, it's Features and the Only human being walking the earth that owns it.

It was unveiled in 2019 and it costs a whooping sum of 19 million Dollars which is 6.9 Billion Naira in Nigerian Currency at the present exchange rate.
It is made up of carbon Fire and it could reach a speed of Two hundred and Fifty Nine Metre per hour, higher than what any other car could reach.
The Bugatti Lat Voit Nor valued and Sold at Billions of Naira is not a Childs play and even the wealthies around the Globe can only view and take photos but never Purchase it.
With the amount at which it is sold one Could actually Buy Three Hundred G wagons and Fifty Rolls Royce In Nigeria and surprisingly you'll still have Change.
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The only Person in the World who is said to have this Astonishing Car and is Juventus Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo.
The Former Real Madrid star and now Juventus Striker is the only Human being in the World that has this Machine.
Rumor has it that he Purchased it just few days after it was launched and even at that he had to wait Twelve Months Before it was Delivered to his Garage.
This Rare Gem is the wish of Many and for people like me we can Only read and (Since I have the means) write about it, it's Beauty is one that i can endlessly stare at.
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