Let us take a quick look at the stats of the number of COVID-19 cases across the world, since the outbreak of this deadly pandemic. The USA has 123,000 cases with 3,000 recoveries which stands at 2%. Italy has 92,000 cases with 12,000 recoveries which stands at 13%. Spain's 16%, Germany's 14% and the UK 0.7% recovery rate is another point to ponder about at this point. But have you noticed that China had 81,000 cases and 75,000 recoveries which pegs her recovery rate at a staggering 92.5%.

China gave the world this virus, China now has the highest recovery rate; don't you think China owes the world an explanation? It’s either China has a cure/vaccine that they are not sharing with the world; or China is lying about the true numbers, or China is lying about the true purpose and intention of this virus unleashed on the world.

To make matters worse, some countries like Spain and Czech Republic lamented that China sold them fake testing kits in this global crisis. “China had it the longest so their recovery is highest” and by the way, the earliest clusters outside China was Japan, Thailand, South Korea; but today, Japan has 1600 cases, 400 recoveries and Thailand has 1300 cases with 97 recoveries. And these were the first places outside China. China is not being honest, they owe the world an explanation

South Korea has had it as long as China/ with few weeks behind China but till now, South Korea recovery numbers is barely 60% while 92% recovery from China actually begs for a lot of investigation. Anyway, when this whole pandemic ends, the whole world has a lot to learn if we ever get to know the whole truth. And somehow, this virus missed Shanghai and Beijing- the most important cities in terms of economy and trade for China; is that a coincidence?

Quarantine? Lockdown? Good explanation. But Milan was hit; London is hit right now; Paris was hit; New York is hit right now; Only China’s best cities escaped. Will we ever get the truth? I’m not sure. If there is something I am sure of, I know China is not totally honest on this thing.This virus has ruined Europe; it is ruining America as we speak. This virus is killing people round the world and sinking global economies.

Somehow, China in the middle of all this is recording a 92% recovery rate. Something is fishy. Something doesn’t add up somewhere. These are the actual numbers: Spain 73,000 cases and 12,000 recoveries; Germany 57,000 cases and 8,000 recoveries; UK 17,000 cases and 135 recoveries; Iran 35,000 cases and 11,000 recoveries.

Look through the chart, only China has 92.5% recovery. There’s something China is NOT telling the world!