Since the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Nigeria the world has been surprise ,due to the fact that Nigerian have been able to manage the virus and no case of death recorded so far.

Following reports From France 24, an Online News Agency, World Health Experts Have Continued To Be puzzled about the Low Rate of Corona Virus Spread in Our dear Country Nigeria even after three cases of the infection have Been Confirmed. An American Man identified as Weffrey Jellington on Twitter went ahead to Sarcastically ask a Question that Why are Nigerians not Dying From Corona Virus and what it is that 'they' (meaning the infection) didn't do Right.

In the Tweet Which had a Surprising Fifty Thousand Comments Nigerians gave him the Best Of Replies saying that Our Blood is Stronger and that we have suffered Enough that a Mere Disease would Kill Us.

some of the comments are as follows