Lionel Andres Messi popularly known as LEO is a man who loves football from his tender age, he will always want to play with his brothers but, they always objected, if not for his grandmother that always said they should allow him.

  His grandmother even convince his mother to buy football boots for him. Messi and his family was devastated when his grandmother passed away when he's just 10 years old. He now promised himself that he will make the grandmother proud, he didn't play football for several weeks before his father nudge him.

When he was eleven years old, he was diagnosed with growth hormone disease, his parent couldn't raise the money needed for his treatment, so they started seeking for financial support from clubs. The news later reached Barcelona that there's a boy whose style of play resembles that of Diego Maradona, so they offer him a trial which he passed excellently.

He was admitted into the academy and treated for three years before he started to grow very well. He made his debut when he was sixteen years old for Barcelona against Porto FC where he impressed everyone at the club as he dribbled past four players before scoring a goal.

After scoring a goal he usually jubilate by pointing two fingers up, dedicating it to his GRANDMOTHER.