Though sperm is often associated with goings-on in the bedroom, spitting and swallowing, and making babies, there are so many other ways it can be used. Actually, there are a ton of sperm uses — for your health, mind and well-being, and even your cooking — that you probably never even thought were possible. While it's up to you how you enjoy sperm, there are a lot of people out there testing out what these little tadpole-shaped guys are capable of, and it's pretty freaking mind-blowing.
1. It May Help Prevent Tooth Decay
This is high in zinc and calcium, which are minerals that could impact health due to their tooth decay prevention effects. 
Semen doesn't just contain sperm, but also vitamins like zinc and calcium, which is why some claim it help prevent tooth decay. it's probably a good idea to continue using toothpaste, While semen does contain vitamins that help keep your teeth healthy, it contain those vitamins in concentrated enough amounts to actually make a difference.
2. You Can get Spermine Facials
Sperm "facials," the supposed health benefits of rubbing straight up semen on your face have been largely debunked. A healthy, balanced diet contains vitamins and minerals as well as protein, the potential benefits of a similar topical preparation and their relationship to healthy skin remain elusive, rubbing semen on skin around mucous membranes cause irritation and even spread STIs.
It's important to remember that the spermine facial you'd get at a spa is not a semen facial though.
3. It Can Be Used As Invisible Ink
Semen isn't actually as good for your skin as you might've thought, it apparently works as invisible ink in case you need to write a secret message. 
Secret agent sperm man. As it turns out, semen has been used in some weird ways throughout history.  
4. You Can Cook With It
You have to consume an outrageous amount of semen to actually benefit from the nutrients it contains, you can add it into certain dishes if you really want to. 
5. You Can Fight Fire With It
Sperm is a healthier alternative to the products currently being used as flame-retardants.
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